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Multigenerational identities seem to be used more than ever, as millennials have started having children (hence the term "perennials"), and Generation Z has so brilliantly created the phenomenon of "OK, Boomer" to express their hatred of the older generation. But what do all these labels mean?

If learning a lot of new words wasn't hard enough, it's also hard to know when exactly which generation was born.

While social scientists generally agree on the lifespan of each generation, there is no set point where one generation ends and a new one begins. In other words, you can find a lot of kits if you just do a Google search.

However, understanding the approximate dates and circumstances that define each generation can help us better understand ourselves as parents and our young, and why grandparents are still confused by "wild children"—no matter what year we are. generation time machine, we turned to the experts.

See how each generation's key events have affected children and parents since 1900 in the United States.

What are the assigned generations called?

Born 1901–1924: the greatest generation

The Great Depression during this time affected these people and shaped their children's view of the average life.

Furthermore, this group represented a significant portion of the vast majority of World War II soldiers. If they are still alive, they are between 98 and 121 years old.

Born from 1925 to 1945: The Silent Generation

Due to the aftermath of World War II and the ongoing Great Depression, people born in these years are the youngest generation.

They got their name from their population and reluctance to speak out against the social problems caused by the McCarthy era. We are talking about people aged 77 to 97 years.

Born 1946-1964: The Baby Boomer Era

One of the most commonly miscategorized and misunderstood age groups on the list are baby boomers and millennials.

On the Internet, you can find countless anecdotes and clips of young adults shouting, "Okay, boomer!" older people who don't understand how today's world works.

Having played a key role and presence in many technological advances over the past 50 years, baby boomers are a more important demographic in modern culture.

They have learned how to survive in the current technological age and have been able to better adapt to modern advances. Boomers are between the ages of 58 and 76.

Born between 1965 and 1979: Generation X

Generation X, like the baby boomers, is the generation most connected to technology in the modern age and acts as a transitional generation between older and younger generations.

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They were there when internet access, video games and artificial intelligence first arrived, and they are the generation most responsible for these technological advances.

Currently, this group of people is between 43 and 57 years old.

Born 1980-1994: Millennials

As already established, Millennials, like Generation X, are largely misunderstood and often miscategorized. When younger people have the same ideals as them and do not understand the values ​​of earlier times, older people often accuse them of being "millennials".

Although true millennials are between the ages of 28 and 42, it's very common to hear someone use the word millennial to refer to someone in their 20s.

Born 1995-2012: Generation Z

It is interesting that this new generation is meeting. They have access to social networks and are the first generation to face online harassment and other issues. School crime and climate crises also became more frequent during this period.

These numerous people are between the ages of 10 and 27.

People born between 2013 and 2025: Gene Alpha

These Americans are the youngest inhabitants of the country and the first generation born in the 21st century.

They are the first group whose parents used the Internet, mobile devices, social networks and tablets during their teenage years. They are also the most technologically advanced and racially diverse.

The oldest members of this group would now be nine years old.

Most of these people are still too young (in 2017) to make a significant impact. However, the elders may be fighting in Afghanistan.

Ideally, the younger generation is still in school preparing for jobs and occupations that will be in high demand and will create new opportunities.

I have high hopes for iGen'ers.

The author Dr. Jean Twenge claims that iGen is different in the following ways:

(Jean Twenge writes about generations differently than other authors. He is a professor at the University of San Diego and a respected researcher. Instead of guesswork or guesswork, he uses historical research and one-on-one interviews.

Generacije Alpha/iGen'ers se:

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  • It is much more accepting of people of all cultures, gender identities and races
  • Increased caution and reduced risk
  • Less drug and alcohol use in high school
  • Less willing to go to church
  • They are more likely to question authority and distrust government or religious figures
  • He was delaying entering into a serious close engagement
  • Fewer teenage pregnancies.
  • Fewer refugees
  • Delaying driving and reducing accidents among teenagers
  • Spend less time shopping in malls
  • Less desire to go to the cinema
  • Instagram is more popular than Facebook.

iGens are far more cautious, less optimistic and perhaps less gullible than millennials who grew up believing they were special and could achieve anything after graduation, only to find that baby boomers had driven millions of jobs out of the country.

Your employment options will become clearer after taking our free personality test. In addition, it teaches a person how to understand people more fully.

The following iGen features are known to be potentially harmful:

  • Fewer person-to-person and real-life interactions with others as a result of spending more time communicating via smartphone
  • Tough game
  • Fewer and fewer people read newspapers and books
  • Raised to a greater degree protected and monitored by previous generations.
  • Fewer opportunities for teenagers to work and earn during their early school years
  • Stay online or use your smartphones until two in the morning.
  • Perhaps more depressed than previous generations
  • He feels worthless or worthless and alone
  • Possible increase in the risk of suicide

Careers for Gen Alpha - you need education or skills

Choose to specialize in an area where there may be many jobs if you are an iGen looking for a career and stay away from areas with fewer opportunities. Unless, of course, you're Prince, The Beatles, Elon Mask, Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, Kim Kardashians, or Albert Einstein (just kidding).

Choose a profession or pursue a related education as two options. You can't support a household on wages for low-skilled labor and those jobs will disappear. You also need training and skills.

High technology and healthcare are currently experiencing tremendous growth, and this trend will continue for decades to come. Therefore, a career in research, engineering, programming or medicine would be an excellent choice.

For those studying philosophy, English, history etc., there won't be many jobs. I'm sorry. Consider career support services if you need help choosing a new career or making important career decisions.

Software and electrical engineering are promising. And as a nurse or family doctor. Low-rise construction creates only a few jobs because we don't build a lot of bridges and buildings. Avoid doing this.

Automotive engineering is a challenge. There aren't many jobs in the US, except in the electric car industry.

Beauticians, hairdressers, plumbers and electricians are examples of occupations that should remain in demand, even though they earn less than jobs that require higher education. Compared to many other professions, professions are generally more stable.

Sales jobs will continue to disappear. As malls close and online shopping dominates the world, retail jobs are disappearing. Sellers are usually just intermediaries. Who requires them? Unfortunately... It's different with merchants who deal with business development and acquiring new customers. However, the days of being a shoe salesman at the mall are long gone.

However, there will be some unexpected changes in marketing and business development.

With the development of electric and self-driving cars, the automotive industry will experience exciting changes. Although electric vehicles have fewer moving parts and fluids to maintain, they do need tire changes.

Demand for truck drivers and taxi drivers will begin to decline as automated cars become more common. But since 2018, there has been a big increase in employment opportunities for truck drivers.

People's need to own cars will decrease as automated electric vehicles replace manual vehicles. You just get out, call up the app, and have an Uber driver take you anywhere that's more convenient, cheaper, and more efficient. This will work because most Uber drivers can get there in about 5 minutes.

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Owning a car is neither a profitable nor a wise investment. Cars have been stationary for almost their entire existence.

They take up space, cost repairs and insurance, and waste time sitting alone. IGeners will be among the first to see how this will affect professions, occupations and jobs, which will be exciting.

As we focus on getting humanity to Mars, the Moon and space stations, employment in space-related fields will increase.

The demand for employment in geology should increase, especially for the discovery of minerals on other worlds.

As the use of virtual reality becomes more common, the number of jobs related to virtual reality will also increase. The trend of creating VR experiences will continue to expand.

Virtual reality will be ingrained in the minds of future generations, those who will follow iGeneras.

Generation Y: born 1980-1994

Millennials grew up and started their careers at a time when they:

  • With the exception of third world countries, almost every household had a computer and access to the Internet.
  • The biggest economic collapse since the Great Depression occurred in 2008
  • 11 terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center
  • Enron's national corporate fraud and energy trading fraud significantly affected American employment for the first time in more than 20 years.
  • With significantly higher currents, warmer weather, strong storms and colder weather, global warming is becoming apparent.
  • When it comes to nuclear and biological weapons of mass destruction, after the occupation and invasion of Iraq, President GW Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld led the whole country astray.
  • The incredible expansion of online companies such as eBay, PayPal, SalesForce.com, LinkedIn and Google
  • Changing the way we work, including the widespread adoption of flexible schedules, working from home and freelance work
  • With core beliefs and ideals diametrically opposed, the United States is torn down the middle.
  • Too many lunatics are using weapons of mass destruction to kill their fellow citizens in the United States.
  • Congress becomes ineffective
  • Housing costs are rising beyond the means of most young people.


Older millennials make up a group called "Xennials." This generation represents a crossover.

Roughly between 1975 and 1985, more or less.

According to this theory, Xennials are more like Generation X than Millennials.

In theory, according to Australian researcher Dan Woodman, the Xennial generation dated and often formed long-term relationships before the advent of social media.

“Usually when they started dating, they weren't using Grindr or Tinder. They contacted their friends and everyone they planned to take with them via landline, hoping it wasn't a meeting with their parents.

Born 1965-1979: Generation X

Due to a significantly lower birth rate than the baby boomers that came before them, Generation X was once known as the "Failure Generation," according to Wikipedia.

Generation X was the first to pass:

  • the highest level of education ever achieved in the United States
  • The first gas shortages in the USA and the Arab oil scandal in 1976
  • The price of gold reached 1000 USD/ounce.
  • The fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of the Soviet Union,
  • The appearance of the disc and MTV
  • The tragedy of Tiananmen Square and China's short-lived experiment with individual freedom
  • The NAFTA negotiations that came out of President Bill Clinton paved the way for the loss of countless American jobs
  • Fighting at the beginning of the Gulf War

Born 1946-1964: Baby Boomers

Baby boomers are people born during the massive population growth that followed the Great Depression and World War II.

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They were born and grew up in times of prosperity and lack of major conflicts. They were known as the "Flower Children", using LSD to express their opposition to the Vietnam War.

Baby boomers have proven to be the biggest buyers compared to grandparents who were children during the Great Recession. They became famous because they squandered all the money they received.

For the first time in Western history, every household owned two cars and spent the same amount on food and entertainment.

Baby boomer spending and consumption drive the world's economies.

This generation of baby boomers fought to protect the environment.

The baby boom generation experienced:

  • A period of unprecedented prosperity and optimism for the country
  • The Cold War, the fear that Russia might launch a nuclear attack, shelters and the terror behind it.
  • Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
  • The assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Increased hope and confidence since sending a man to the moon
  • The massive destruction and loss of the Vietnam War
  • Movement for human rights

Born 1925-1945: The Silent Generation

This silent generation was born during the Great Depression. Most of their parents belonged to the lost generation.

Growing up, they expected a difficult existence. A Christmas gift can be anything, including an orange or a whole dinner at that time.

Because of their collective lack of volume, they are known as the Silent Generation. In Washington they avoided demonstrations. There were no major wars to contend with.

Born between 1910 and 1924: the oldest generation

This generation grew up during the Great Depression and almost certainly participated in World War II. Additionally, they are known as the GI Joe Generation, in other words the parents of the Baby Boomers.

Tom Brokaw, the famous news anchor, called them the Greatest Generation. According to Brokaw, they were the best because they fought for righteous goals and not for their own selfish interests.

As they fought to save the citizens of other nations from leaders like Hitler, the Japanese bombers and Mussolini, they undoubtedly made significant personal sacrifices.

The question is what to call the insurance companies and bankers who fought solely for their selfish financial gain, causing the financial crash of 2007-2009?

It's helpful to understand the differences between (for example) Baby Boomers and Generation X, even if you don't use these generational titles in casual speech. By knowing more, you will learn more!


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