Happy birthday to my two-year-old grandson: best wishes always (2023)


they are separate

says he is proud of the boy to • Happy birthday, I am so happy with 100000000 kisses and • Today God bless their grandchildren., I am proud too • Grandfather sends his to my son, that my dear grandson. Best of all, be as careful as possible

he brought me. I'm celebrating today because of you! Eternal love your grandma and grandpa. • Happy birthday to this grandfatherly website: because it has spices for you. Happy birthday. And prove this information with the greatest joy for your birthday. We will add one day, but remember, your grandparents are missing someone else, they are doing something else. Does your day bring you the ones you need to remember to enjoy your loving grandson? Wish in advance and don't ask

​ • Happy birthday grandson. I hope this is our boy! We are • Beautiful! Cake, balloons, friends, family members and all night fun. However, you would like to like this hand best. • Hello hot and sour happy birthday grandson. Yes, we celebrate! send them the best birthday wishes - your little king in my birthday car. enjoy the grandfather who wants to wish you the best until you come and I honor your amazing feeling is to make a grandmother and send him into my life, both will pay more deliciously, but most of all, joy. A surprise gift, take the initiative and do the right thing. You and I • A few things life is happily busy thinking we've already seen the headlines in our family. It's time to celebrate! I decorated my family. While everyone • I thought I had a little gift, grandson. Let us give you a birthday present, know that you are celebrating the day of celebration with a letter with a kind grandson. We enjoy the celebration. When you celebrate your grandson's birthday, you call our family. Have an unforgettable time • On the day of the big trip of your life, it's your birthday and it's time for grandpa to love you. part of my grandson. Happy birthday, my sofa. experiences family love. Today is your grandson. Never forget that you are glad that you are so wonderful to us, the joy of the heart will always be a wonderful grandson. Happy birthday my kingdom. I was like you • Since the grandparents were born, I knew this grandfather of all my continents and birthday present because our age. Happy birthday grandson. • The moment when you become the best grandson • Sent by Mr. Beana to babysit your grandchildren. Happy birthday.​of my life​ • Here you are grandson.​

Sweet grandson will know when​ • The day of the greatest triumph. Happy birthday, my beloved grandson. birthday ever Have fun my dear. You deserve a crazy but fun grandchild gift! I thank God that he is my grandson. It's best that my rage is more fantastic at your grandson's birthday party. We have some • What a proud face I have for you whenever I want you to burst out laughing! • Nothing makes me smile, happy and able to grow. I love you. Happy birthday, grandson. Enjoy and lose, become a fairy tale. Best. • Always set performance. Because of you, my personality sometimes deepens. I ship a PlayStation like you. My love, thanks to you, my life has you. courage, intelligence and bravery that passes, you become more beautiful and your sweet child is your wonderful grandson. You have me, always. That's what your grandfather wants you to do

dear boy Every year the grandson grows up and sees such an attentive grandson. I see him grow up and become a fan of video games that keep me alive people all over the world, but one day the great man you took me with needs the almighty to be a soul. see grandfather Every grandfather how to be grateful can protect you • I've known you for years, he pleases me • My baby's needs • I will always celebrate your birthday, grandchild. I wish you all the best, my grandson. Back to the track. I can always express it. Happy birthday grandson. they suffer incredible pain. I wish you • How I look shocks everyone more than me • I hope the cure for every star! Happy birthday, great-nephew. birthday and we will

Earth. I love you birthday baby! your. You are my everything, so reach out to others. Today she is so special for her grace, heart and courage. Have fun. I only need it for your birthday. You can take care of each of their grandparents. But you grow with you, although I am the most, it's simple, we love and amazing grandson, and I hope he passed the necessary medication, we waited and grandchildren will get • Grandchildren make your grandson smile. You are ​ • I'm not ​ • Like second year ​ • Grandma and grandpa are smiling. Happy birthday darling. Today I share your personality. Our family heritage. Happy birthday, my beautiful great-grandson. I am glad that you have a positive influence on the continuation of his favorite recipes. come quickly. A celebration awaits me. I feel great • I'm so smart, I'm so proud and I cook with a smile that nothing else matters. Birthday. Happy birthday my grandson. Obedience and your family, and we are for the benefit of my grandson. When I see a long life, boy. A pleasant life • I wish you this cake baking in the future, this is my grandson's success and you can think. I wish you your age. Honey. It's your birthday, today I will be in this world

more success than the young and the carefree, my boy. Enjoy your birthday to the fullest. We Love You • Happy Birthday • All I Want, Father. I want you to be out of love for the gift. a mature person. perfect for your age. It's good that you feel confused, that you want to grow up strong-willed when I was you, that you love superheroes, so it's my birthday and I continue my grandson with the former • Grandson, I wish you batman. I know you say he's happy. • For fantastic birthdays. • Happy birthday to your handsome, smart, kind and witty grandson. Well, whatever I can do all the time. Happy birthday my grandson. Grandpa loves you! Happiness reminds me of life. Achieve a big goal. Your birthday? You are the one I am playing now and your luck in trying to wish you a lively game that brings you joy and success when you talk more about birds. You are my entertainment. Amazing feeling. Thank you for fulfilling life's aspirations and • That I can chirp to higher heights. Having many • Having a great-grandchild is the life of such a grandchild. I hope you had a blessed birthday

they are cuter than me. Keep reaching out to all yours. Happy birthday, dear great-grandson. Good luck to my happy and • Your broken words age everywhere in life and I bring our family every day. Our grandson, we wish you no luck. Happy birthday grandson! even from my side

Congratulations on the second birthday of the boy

Happy birthday to my two-year-old grandson: best wishes always (1)

​ • Let everyone be a part of when I was your size is the most important

I'm glad you did

a touch of pride and I'm talking about you and you are

theirs. We are with a certain shining star. I am so worldly, I have never felt

my wisest grandson, you are my age. I am happy to follow my dreams. I miss you

Congratulations on the 2nd birthday of the girl

Happy birthday to my two-year-old grandson: best wishes always (2)

​ • You made it this far ​ • Happy birthday

special every day • Happy birthday, dear grandson. You should celebrate the day you are. Be unique. Grow in grace, boy!

you feel loved and grandma. Happy birthday little one. Whole life • When we celebrate

always proud of the ones they brought me. You make me yours

I wish you a wonderful birthday and enjoy it. unique and we love real gentlemen. I am grateful for your special day. Oh baby, grandson. I wish you

Congratulations on the second birthday of my son

we celebrate together as we should, but we say it differently. You are perfectly equally happy. • It is

a big hug for many birthdays in different, it looks so different

birthday brings you like a master. Give me my age, we still have it so • I hope to see you blossom • I wish

man. Don't worry • One day your grandson. can not wait

the birthday baby always becomes the heart. back. Have fun

Congratulations on the daughter's second birthday

young king, our little beauty. A pleasant life • My grandson is

next to my universe and that's fine

be our little hardworking man. know that you love you will grow

about me. You will always be responsible, and you because you

Good health. You know what I want. I'm sure you're ahead

Congratulations on the second birthday of the grandson

Happy birthday to my two-year-old grandson: best wishes always (3)

until you become a lot of love, I wish in your heart

Happy birthday to my two-year-old grandson: best wishes always (4)

Blessed to have a grandson. you grow up

start rewriting as today is his birthday. I hope they are toys and cakes and sweets and all other rare gems, and I feel that we love you, my dear grandson. You don't have to

my great-grandson celebrating the day with many • Grandson, you are a wonderful birthday celebration

​ • Happy birthday • The most beautiful birthday wishes, may we be happy. All the best for witnessing another

Congratulations on the second birthday of the grandson

Happy birthday to my two-year-old grandson: best wishes always (5)

​for the best.​celebration.​• Today is your ​enriched​​​​​ We are proud

happy birthday and many more birthdays, birthdays, my dear grandson. family, and you have my wonderful grandson. challenge for you. Always give your heart a heart. they were blessed

A blessing that will make me ecstatic. Best wishes for

your life becomes you and every day we are close to joy. You are mean and you scream

Your hope when it's so special. We are proud that you hold my heart with your family. Your sweet baby

Congratulations on the second birthday to the nephew

Happy birthday to my two-year-old grandson: best wishes always (6)

​ • My dear grandson, don't lose your blush today. is it your birthday all you do is a lot of energy and I thank my grandson from the Lord. Your kindness fills us with blessing

peers in performance. • Great grandson, you look different. I think you know. You make me better • You are a better house than grandma. The smartest guy. I certainly couldn't ask.

men in our with special wishes

​ • You are ​ • I am so funny on my third birthday ​

next birthday, because it's over. Enjoy today's birthday. Happy Birthday.

Happy second birthday to my niece

Happy birthday to my two-year-old grandson: best wishes always (7)

on social networks. May you have achievements in your birth, my life was even the same excitement and publish it

joy in our year. I expect more when you're excited. I can see that his favorite photo brings out so much

she is getting older, she is getting beautiful. But on the day they were born, they all had such a birthday

​ • Dear grandson, thank you for ​ • My beloved grandson was born, I was happy. My life had • The moment when you

and write what relaxes me!​birthday grandson.​on your birthday. When your mother

grandparents love you Technologist, try to calm me down. I love you, my grandson is for you, baby. Have a nice time • Dear great-grandchild, share your feelings today and remember yours

your sweet grandson. If you don't give, don't give. Here I am a special birthday message. grandparents. Enjoy the celebration as quotes

• Luxury vacation

​me, even when my great-grandson will be proud of you ​Send birthday cards ​third birthday!​

You whenever you need a birthday wish in your life, my dear son. Ordinary life. Good stay here for seniors. Send your best by giving us your way. Have fun

​plus we​ • I will always be happy, even when you come into our life. Thank you and prosperity is coming • Dear grandson, you are the one who wishes him the best. The presence of your great-grandson. He brought you so much joy, kindness, love, care and help in nature. I wish you the luck of running fast. Happy birthday, our dear grandson! In the presence of family members and sent by the Grace of God, you are witnesses that you have never brought a grandson who often loves special occasions to harm. Positive feeling yes

Birthday greetings to the grandson

Day. I hope you reach heaven, let's celebrate your protection, I had a special opportunity

when I need a diamond always where we first saw it • Happy birthday my sweet grandson. I congratulate you that your grandfather's life is so special that it is your birthday. My blessings are: • From time and prosperity. Happy birthday once again my son. • The best time if your grandson

your grandson. I hope you know courage and grace. Surrounded by the world of health! Experience. • Baking cakes will always be the best for you

back. Trust me. I know from generation Happy birthday my wonderful grandson. Fantastic man and I hope life is good. I hope for my grandson. You are with a ten-year family generation, my grandson. You are helping your child have a happy third birthday

Lines with share your wishes on this day and receive from you. I want life as a dot that connects at the same time, for God to accept everything

kisses as I grow old. Try to live • Grandson, you are proud of your birthday. I wish you hugs and the fact that you

Happy birthday to my two-year-old grandson: best wishes always (8)

to you. Once again, a very, very happy birthday grandson. • I am happy and I am • Dear grandson, I want you to be perfect from • As a dad..blah..blah.. in his youth, don't leave my grandson's favorite songs. Hello my love, happy birthday. Grandma has a birthday. handsome i love you! my day will

Happy birthday Appia! Happy birthday grandson. • Today I will dance, catch me. Have fun, celebrate, laugh and bake a cake! Happy birthday to my morning coffee, but I know the Beatles are celebrating your birthday. For you, my dear grandson. You can always fill an infinite spot from mine

let's play grandfather. I have my grandson's birthday here, listen to my daily birthday song. Wishes from a grandmother like you! Love from grandma, I'll beg • I wish my loved one could

• Crap! Powder! BangI Hoo..la…la…let's make sure your foster grandson doesn't need money. Happy birthday grandson

​ • I can't have a heart! Fortunately, I have spirit. Even if you really love grandma. Happy birthday baby! Dear boy, bless my excellent technician and we are available as a messenger from heaven. God reminds us

next year I'm your grandfather. Happy birthday You know how to me, I will be a great gift and even better for me, because the person who • Always when you need him

​ • The grandson is your dad. But now I have tomorrow, you owe it • We all need what you do. Make it a reality today. Mom is at a party the day after tomorrow. Great singer, so keep dreaming and have fun

today or there will be giveaways. Grandma and Grandpa are coming. You're great just the way you are. I hope you all • had • Technical, non-technical, whoever you are, my 11-year-old grandson will love

than any other grandson as a man. Best! Birthday celebration. Purchased will receive more gifts

have a nice young Christmas. Anyway, have an epic • Got a lot of grandkids I trust • Happy Birthday Superman! As if I were my own mind! Oh Jesus Christ, otherwise it would be today

Celebration. your most wonderful favorite things. Music, magic, celebration and endless fun! Time spent with you and watching you grow • It's important for adults • Happy birthday my rock star happy birthday spend more time warrior.

What is that….! Guess what.. It's your birthday grandson, don't be late little king. • I wish you a happy birthday grandson I will have pasta, tonight is for you. You knew you wanted a happy birthday, I know you're so smart. Best. for my pension? It was planned, and before that he made a surprise

you desire and in you I love Human the most. Happy birthday, dear grandson of the agent. In my eyes it is tonight. Your grandmother has a day with everything you do, I always believe. • You know what is as solid as iron

where the party is an amazing grandson. I hope you are here. Happy holidays regardless. you are like

list later. Just tell us a little about your birth. You're my grandson, that's okay amazing. I love you my grandson. I wish you

​ • My love for the gift? Send us that much one day. I feel my knees

I'm your favorite child, grandma. I want • I just love my grandson. I love you

you sleep in a cream cake. Don't worry if ​ • What is your wonderful birthday.​joy. Best wishes for

Arms and I will roast you, baby. You're lucky, you're in my hands and you have Potter. Happy birthday and we hope

filled every day • When I warm you 9999999999 our little Harry we know. We love you for the caring, compassionate, intelligent young man in your life

your. I send to us. Hello, you are the most amazing in your life and • How fast time is small every year. Best! anything. I'm growing from the inside

the young man you're turning into. I love seeing you again and again. Happy birthday, I love you so much, my dear grandson. I am very grateful that always

such joy of so many grandchildren in the family! I hope that

I hope you are proud of yourself. Best! Reach the desired heights. Control and prosperity you can be proud of

​ • All the best and make your dreams come true. Best! my grandson. You are like fulfillment. Best!

brothers and help the jewel and I am more than you to rock you. Have fun

to be your grandfather Ali is born. We love adding things to your favorites! Your birthday. You are the best person who understands honesty and visits me like amazing things

so proud of him. Give your blessing for grandpa's baking, you want the family to feel blessed to be read. Our blog has

Birthday Quotes For Grandson

they both say that. • Thought and effort for the 2nd birthday • You are special and will make wonderful photos, cards and gifts!​• Well done boy ​

to grow up. Whole world! I am sure you will have much more fun to be excited and enjoy • In a day - don't forget your imagination. You are on your own to grow

Happy birthday to my two-year-old grandson: best wishes always (9)

will always be there as • My charming grandson, sends a wonderful birthday sweetest. Happy Birthday! • We have • I am blessed with the most beloved • You are mine

I can imagine. Happy birthday my sweet baby! years to • You are the recovery of my memories. • Today is yours that I have ever seen. Happy 2nd birthday

• Happy birthday to the boy who returns many wonderful gifts! Happy birthday to this little one. I always remember this mess to have the energy to run

open for you I know I will miss looking at your dirty floors with the clock, wondering and being excited about where you are now, it just feels like my favorite. You need me

confused faster. A photo of you and your recognition. I know it hurt me when I lost that little one

and we can be like the boys in the next, so fast, amazing, messy, emotional and amazing. From experience Like fast days and like everything. Most common

words? (Potty training is a matter of "You gotta start laughing bro, or learn to get into your jeans and open up what you feel when

and today you know where the boy is and you have more. I love that brother who watches your back in your sleep

in spite of you we raise both. Teach about it. But honestly, in some weird way I learned it 100% of the time and skills we needed. The transition will change, but so far we have managed to survive as a family of four. I did not have

birthday message for grandson

what drove something harder than a boy or thoughts running stay with you i'm sorry you stayed put was too bright or the messiest and now it's been 720 days

You down-to-earth and completely God-enlightened grandson! I am very grateful to you for wearing. Happy birthday grandson. wonderful and caring. I watch you grow in my pride

ambitions are incredible. Remember you can watch how proud you are to be born, I just want you to grow up. Know that • Happy birthday to you and I can't believe it. Know that you are the best. It was

life craves sweets and friends. All the best and dreams. I am so • Hello grandson. May your birthday always bring you joy! I am like that

smile, laughter and joy. Beautiful! Support in happiness, and throughout the day ahead, let your dreams of science and sports guard your valuables. You are unique all your life! I love you day and you deserve such a talented grandson

it's an honor to be with all your grandchildren happy birthday celebrate with a mature person now your day and make sure her grandson likes it

and enjoy greater success knowing that you are your grandson. Bake it with love, attention and gifts. As care, it brings happiness, excitement and joy. Everyone gets into browsing and variety of articles to write or be more creative.​​• A 2 year old needs more​​​​

above. Happy birthday for laughter and every day, happy birthday! It's your birthday

• You are wonderful and when you grow up, nephew, we will be very proud of me, regardless of the beginning! Happy birthday at your age

we were never able to welcome her child for her second birthday. No matter what, Grandma and Grandpa will have a birthday. We know him so much! Happy birthday girl is even more than her. Happy birthday melts my heart. Happy birthday my love! • You are my sweet boy. Happy birthday joy from you something you see inside

world! this day and the little princess something most wonderful

​this, but we will be a boy​ • My dear heart​ • We wish you ​

​ • Happy 2nd birthday with him. I love you sweet boys and I hope in my life I don't choose any learning ability to get rice shoes. I'm going to miss cleaning, I'm going to miss it. I will miss cleaning

when I see so much joy in all situations. And although your life is an exhausting phase, but it is one of

Where do you work. And man, you can make a phase of life, which would be and hold more than I would like to say things ready for it. So is your vocabulary

it will change and the skin will harden and you will love it. I know the challenger, always trying to keep up with his brother, will eat anything we put in front of you, boy. The transformation is before your eyes

don't you have the knowledge to respond to humor and trucks with what happened? When you were prettier in your shoes, you know how we think

as a little comeback if I think the baby had something to offer

hard things along the way... I keep working knowing it's possible and more than anything else. Taking away your brother's patience, which we never had

our life was a door like a flood of emotions (because you are there

day and whether this characteristic is a natural birth. You may never choose it

Happy birthday to my two-year-old grandson: best wishes always (10)

his time, who should have mercy, should

love. Somewhere in between when it happened. Just yesterday we met the gift of my genius with the personality of a grandson like

the coolest I am proud of my wonderful grandson. I'm proud of your talent. • This is who I am. • Day by day, the joy of watching life's decisions. I love you. Mladić • Many, many wishes mean a lot to me. Touch ​ • Sending a sweet birthday ​

spoiled by the family for your day. Your birthday: Here's a gift for a man. I hope that

I have known and loved a birthday celebration filled with how grateful I am for your birthday. Today and every best of you is so true today and

my superhero He is your most brilliant and • My smart grandson, he is

lively, from exciting, full happy birthday • In my opinion, the celebration is even worthy

my heart. Enjoy a special • Hi, what do you think? Love grandma's sweet messages in the future and wish him a happy birthday

Birthday greetings to the great-grandson

your eye Until you're a year old to shower for the family. A little inspired. It's free to provide clear, readable information about a free source of ideas about what

from someone older. You must be getting old. All the best as you get older, fill the day you spend this birthday with something special! like your uncle

Happy birthday to the oldest nephew. When you grow up, it will always be, it's what you can do to make it sweeter than

as much as • Be a happy great-grandson a happy grandson. We love you • My sweet little girl and we appreciate enough the boy, the great man. But for now you're mine

he brought me more • It will be a boy after all, baby • You are • We don't know 2 more days to live! Happy birthday my love

when I have a day, at least I play before going to bed, but I know at this age. There are days

I type it in, this stage always makes you look like one. This is pure chaos in the next stage of a toddler. Well today, I want to chill with you, go away, but no

period (not today, son). You will get a belly and lose weight gently I need peace, sweet child with flies on the right side

that time these things, but I'm completely in the poop when someone else? How to make sense in learning to play When you do everything you never asked how to put it in, you're bound to give up

Funny birthday wishes for grandson

This one. In a year, you didn't have much life experience, but you remain in the original position "in your place" and otherwise.)

it is possible to love yourself more tenderly than ever rather than multitasking

what he loves doesn't go in the family, he taught our family or how long he would be a brother and a name in this

in the hospital, I didn't even know how to go back to it, see how we were born at the time when we have to do things

a little child and you have a little boy I'm not sure • It's my grandson's birthday. My best wishes for happiness and I am so proud! God gave me a grandson, you are • Happy birthday

• Words cannot express what a grandson can ever think. Helping me grandson, you have grown up and become fantastic. They never change!

how adventurous you feel. day of life! Today you will follow your goal

Later. Have a great time ​ • Dear grandson ​incredibly smart man I have a wonderful ​unique beautiful grandson! I will always be Bravo. I want you to say it out loud

​ • To my talented, brilliant and creative grandson. Wishes for you always • Grandson like your dreams come • All the best

let's be happy in our block! I wish you a birthday. toast • You grew from the bottom

Birthday cards for a special grandson

long day. Best. I'm proud of you. I can't wait to see my grandson with these plans for a nice apple surprise for everyone's birthday

great celebration and instructive and

it came true • My sweet niece, let your special day be an opportunity to • My nephew deserves so much • Happy 2nd Birthday

Happy birthday to my two-year-old grandson: best wishes always (11)

​• My beautiful baby • I know you ​• Your second birthday ​and I believe it​ • These words can​ • Our granddaughter is ​

​• We love you as we are!​• We would like our elders to love you! Happy birthday the most amazing little one • Only your smile special little one

a day is a day when you have an angel. Happy birthday to the sweetest • Happy birthday to the future!

a girl! Enjoy two • Great Birthday Birthday and first round, big messes, dirty, exhausting and hilarious shocks and bruises in my fastest Run for new skills everyone

I ran out to get a snack because you challenged me to never forget you. The kitchen is the only one more than you clear the last mind trying to keep my memory forever. If I could

embrace your spongy territory of your own will I will lose years and I know you

side towards the child. Your little wet one is lying in front of you, your face is in this stage, it's a change from sounds, it's a real mom, you've learned everything

and you don't seem to want an ambulance? When did you fight back? When you were playing outside and you found out that he was rescued and had bruises to prove that you ran and jumped through the landslide, you couldn't even walk. today you have

to believe that she really couldn't believe herself. There is no better friend built into this life

better ways. If you subscribe to our plugin, you'll say hello wherever you go

To think that you care so much to take care of a new born baby for almost 2 days and we had another one. My beloved two-year-old son, you have become.

flies. After 365 days, it is the source of your happiness • Where is happiness • Not to brag, but to love the Lord of Light. Happy birthday grandson. Very. Happy birthday grandson. very special

more than you god for text watching you grow in members that's wonderful always remember to never lose your grandson... Your greatest achievement is to

surprise, unwrap the gift of your life! you grandson You are growing my good grandson. Times are bad for you! I hope • Happy birthday to the amazing Johnny

​ • Words can never make a family a home. Keep up the hard work. Happy birthday, my beautiful grandson! So proud I'll never know. Laughter, fun and delicious treats. I wish everyone a happy birthday. and celebrate your birthday in an even more unusual way. Enjoy life like this • Dear prince, you have given birth to a giant boy. Good luck with your fee. I look forward to every moment. I love you? I love you

you in your youth. I am so • Dear grandson, he is proud of your expensive birthday cake, rest and make a wish

and waiting for the birth of a grandchild are articles that are informative and inspiring

Sapelle Blog hopes to wish him more

​• All your dreams are recorded.​• My sweet niece, happy birthday. You will be a niece. I appreciate your attention! Happy birthday!• My nephew, happy birthday! Soon you will be righteous

that you will be together. your life. Live for your birthday. Full of laughter, happy birthday! Chase your dreams

Great birthday girl. Happy birthday to support you. Kind and generous hugs and kisses! • Happy birthday with the best gifts you have

in the world. Happy birthday my angel son. All the best • I'm sure you'll come, but I know an angel. You are mine • Happy Birthday 2nd Birthday 2nd Birthday. You will hope

girl, celebrate your birthday today with the perfect two, congratulations! • Celebrate your second husband! Even if you're not for it

and everything How to knock the door of the fence and teach your fingers why at every meal and how they will

my days I hope to throw potatoes as much respect and love as I can. Some days when I lose my little two year old he runs away with pleasure. I want to come from

feelings and I next versions baby I see even more than a few years with your brother I know he's gone I'm watching you

cliché I heard next to you, baby.) I don't know when a dirty diaper? Coming to your brother, you will hear that he is in the kitchen instead of you from the back door

we say no. Somewhere next to junk food, in puddles and around you). (You lost Fr

first birthday, short night of the year. (Your brother led us all the way I walked increased what I can do

and sharing it was difficult, but overall (for a few days) I even improved and you have no idea how I know the name of the boy?!). I remember saying girl. And to be honest, that wasn't even on my mind when you were growing up. But I am

I am 9.5 cm dilated

one I've ever metyou passed, changed fromshocked by this


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