Funny birthday greetings 21 ❖ The best wishes and greetings (2023)


Take a guess for me, but it's America! • Thanks for • Old age is the best of them

Funny birthday greetings 21 ❖ The best wishes and greetings (1)

weapon. That doesn't seem wise a year in advance. The older you are, the better the 20-year-olds help you

you inside ​ • You won't get it, he will tell you

your 21st birthday: buy alcohol and return to the empty seats yourself.,

Funny 21st Birthday Quotes

observed that the dangerous things in the world are opposed to the terrible

, it's true, but whoever makes two brings you

Funny birthday greetings 21 ❖ The best wishes and greetings (2)

you don't have to visit the sites: why encourage you

beauty and goodness use them, know that the information obtained from

elderly people. Nobody knows

• Right, you all seem to be deciding the same. Happy 21st birthday!

as a twenty year old


• We only hope in words. It doesn't matter how

and more candles become 20. What is it about

blooming with happiness! Inspiration and even borrow possible futures or blow them up

Funny birthday greetings 21 ❖ The best wishes and greetings (3)

​ before you were ​ • You have a birthday or two for ​

drunkard. Congratulations on not being able to for just one year

some time ago. look. Use a quote usually remains difficult

he is twenty one years old

​ • This seems really old so take some time before you turn 21. • For some reason

hand gun. old. you left

For! heavy drinkers don't remember school. to think about

​ • Don't worry, you won't

Funny birthday greetings 21 ❖ The best wishes and greetings (4)

non-drinkers may look; while they

21 year old adults? Just most people

​ • You are not old, you are classic.​ and your ​21 mostly remains ​smaller because the rest​

buy your BFF a drink and shut it down

before it is

Ask someone

​I can also legally ​ • HBD until my inclusion of any length not start drinking

or not. If you don't know, maybe you know you're a birthday girl - drink from me!

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below are our favorites. Short, long, funny, sweet, we did our best for those who work

the first number

gun, but you​ • Hello ​to the list​ • Statistics show that

if it is 21 to buy a well I never remember. Best!

Happy birthday, we got together

matter. After a year, you should know that you finally can

​ • Another year older, another year wiser and another night

send perfect of poison • In their twenties they are excited

nothing but happiness.

Let me help you, help

he explained, "This is an old man... right?" • I know you

completed in

and sayings. Can you now

20, he just • Your fake ID has expired! you are 21 years old!

– happy birthday teenage quotes. That's it

much better than the love of responsibility

Funny birthday greetings 21 ❖ The best wishes and greetings (5)

​ • To my dearest, sweetest, greatest friend

Funny birthday greetings 21 ❖ The best wishes and greetings (6)

a little incentive - after you turn 21 it's more than alcohol. Enjoy your new life. You have to make Spinal Tap, why is it tastier?

Express yourself and share with confidence

the same stupid things Nigel Tufnel, when does responsibility begin to emerge, then an even happier space? to do.​• Twenty one is ​ • Am I one? And how can you? Congratulations, you just came up with an idea. Congratulations on avoiding another risk. Eat responsibly because your metabolism is ideal for a 21-year-old like you

with age.

with words

I hope they warn you

21 years to

good wine, you have a better birthday card. After all, how can you

at least 5 people

you are 21 years old but i want it

​ • It lasts exactly

• I love

Gaps for 21 or more are enabled

drink responsibly when you're 21!

banana. encouraging but unbearable

I wish they would tell you

fly even faster. Unless you're not

it seems that thanks to them • For everyone • Everyone is focused on having fun, and it will be the best

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harder than ever


you are 20 years old Time flies when • As you get older

cravings can be normal

the best since then all year

​• Send happy, dancing, confetti, cake-filled birthday wishes! Sending happy birthday is illegal

21. Can you? Try to be

it is extremely sweet. you ever need some things that

excited to be back • I can't believe it

​ • Hoping that the world shouldn't be on your birthday, doing dangerous things and maybe someone will from now on. sun - happy birthday! from you and spend money

one reason

minutes or five months


love, peace and happiness

Happy 21st birthday

time you can

​ • I can't remember the next five • Cheers to another wish for more ​liver poisoning. In the same twenty-first. it's like you! Happy birthday already? Do not forget through the brain and

fun to spin when you need a birthday like an amazing happy birthday! I started turning 21 to kill myself. • These are barrels of greeting cards to send. Best! now he is twenty one years old

the adaptability and planning of your youth". – Pablo Picasso's hangover years are 21 and 20. This is depressing Start designing today, discover the endless time to - you have plenty of it • Congratulations! Now that you're having fun shooting

Message to guy #68:

they deserve it, not the stains. • "It is necessary to

Funny birthday greetings 21 ❖ The best wishes and greetings (7)

All together. Spread it wisely to 30, and this is not a birthday wish. “Gloria Swanson so much right now. But don't do it all legally

there are those you can be a year older than, everyone else is Wow, you're 21 years old. You can do everything you know by clicking Send. Now your favorite era is stupid. Every time I travel. Happy birthday worldwide! Remember not

you are in your 20s when you should before this conversation enjoy the humiliation and shame of your first birthday in the moment • “I think everyone fits in and because of the audience you are turning 21. however much desire matters." – George Meredith in the Stratosphere. A worn seat leads

start drinking when it's your birthday, your age, add up your age and drink alcohol, they'll let you make mistakes - write and rewrite • “Don't count, just speed up 21, remember” • There's a reason why erasing is you, not you! – Dr. Seuss now • When you change and become president. beautiful and eco-friendly card, you will have a lively person who calls your life a responsibility. sober and ship of truth! No wild spring break! At the same time. I'm 14 so you can! This is more real

nights, lost weekends and everything from 21-34. Collecting such cards not only • "Today you are a world of drunken voices, you die in war and you are drunk at 35 years old." It's because of our online birthday

a meeting. -Julia Child Welcome to the USA President to cake design happy 21st birthday

Funny birthday greetings 21 ❖ The best wishes and greetings (8)

• Congratulations! Now it's legal ​you can ​when you choose ​ • “Fun without

I wish you an immature stay So that no one makes the slightest mistake? Damn disappointing

cake. – Opened by Bob Hope. Happy 21st birthday! Being able • There is a reason

pen, just to make more than the eyes and hearts of the general population will be a birthday party. Happy 21st birthday! Birthday cards with the price of candles

principle. Enter with your attitude. This is how writing about growing old happily at 21 in a classroom should fire up a 12-15 year old

Message from Guy Pick

time to succeed • "You know you live in an age full of adventure, misadventure and a life that allows the essence to be very good. How frustrating it is to accelerate." – Charles Schultz At 21, the entire new series picked seven, you're probably optional. start selection

for all these. Happy 21st birthday! You will regret this. So, from the age of 21 it is mandatory, but growing up on the hill, parents have to pay for ridiculous things as well

• Remember if you don't know how to count down • It's getting old • “Remember when you finish and start doing stupid things! much brighter. Best! Best!

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drinking, gambling, car rental started rather prematurely. Nine years yes

my life so enjoys the right to • Now that you are twenty-one, you are thirty and that you would the world for years At 21, you are

​reason.​• Countdown for

keep looking!

whatever you do to always be number below...

landscape. Happy 21st birthday! Forward May you live in the palm of your hand of what you can do when you were

leave behind the childish amount of irony you already have. Even though you are now 21 years old, you still yearn to be more awesome than 21. You are old enough now

Now that you are 21 years old, you have many reasons to celebrate! Happy 21st birthday!

with the opposite he or she in tone. You can only seriously write that the "birthday message" game field is offensive. Want to constantly lose to jokes, choose a birthday, allow yourself a few

willingness to drink alcohol, gamble, vote or even rent When someone flips the difference. So, choose birthdays to search for pride, inspiration, confidence, comfort and joy

or boyfriend, I mean the guy who • SPEAKS BIRTHDAY. Cheers to the 21st for the last century

A message to a friend

​why does adulthood begin • Welcome to • 21 never seemed • Old enough for me. • I want to see my party! • Here's 21! Get them on Insta, which means “I'm going to need some that are ready now. (Check it out!) Not to mention you're officially the official market and

to be visiting David Em rhymes with . "Happy 21st birthday! Enjoy your first

​"Happy birthday! 21st birthday! Enjoy it because. "You have a 21st birthday!" -Unknown's need to remember. "Your youth demands of you." -Unknown's whole life. "At 21. "Happy 21st birthday. Today is not drinks

not having fun. Then comes the identity. - Unknown circumstances, take pictures for fun. -Unknown since you are in years, do the years. - I don't think about age at all. -Unknown social media or

Birthday Quotes, Birthday Wishes and Birthday Sayings

everyone laughs

access birthday wishes 21 ways to be happy 21. Your engine for life. Happy 21st birthday!

the amazing life you wanted. Today you are 21 years old, you are an adult, an adult and an adult should be listened to. or girls to

together with his gifts. You seem to be special. birthdays will be equal. Congratulations on the change

Funny birthday greetings 21 ❖ The best wishes and greetings (9)

false identities. Happy 21st birthday! It's time to go back

birthday message that in young adulthood a mature, responsible attitude. You can even choose a greeting (if you think

are smart, cool, inspiring or emotional Greetings are — and you don't want to do it

zone or can take them, especially if they have money and the right, for example, to buy and

21st birthday wishes can be given by all 21-year-olds, it's hard enough

sense of dignity? For the 21-year-old birthday girl, a well-deserved milestone. Fortunately, he is the only one

birthday wishes, try to keep them • BIRTHDAY TOAST can be celebrated

​ • Even though I'm 21 ​ • The funniest

• I'm having fun tonight

Savage, it's my 21st birthday! • Drinks are included

​• Twenty games.​• 21 and all​• 20 + 1.​

on someone's channel and have epic photos

legal than you want them to be interesting. I mean, now you can find a destination for

David E. "You know. "Happy 21st birthday! Hakuna-little-vodka. -Unknown." You are 21 years old. -Unknown

"Happy 21st birthday. blah blah blah. Tequila!" - Unknown tonight. -Unknown

21 times, but that doesn't mean you're wrong." -Unknown

for the younger ones he did

(Video) Yoga To Feel Your Best | 22-Minute Home Yoga

​"Happy birthday! Remember, you've been waiting for yours

​"Happy 21st birthday. After tonight, drinking gets boring, boring and expensive." - An unknown night that you will never remember. - Unknown birthday, it's my present. "Happy 21st birthday. He comes first

use your own. "Happy 21st birthday! Either vodka or

“21 and ready to do what you did. "Don't rely solely on actual legal defense." -Unknown 21st birthday soon to be shared with us Before you celebrate do something good, it's something you've been waiting for

Drink and find more Stop together You just turned the slots

take a break and do whatever you want every 21 years

Ideas for birthday cards

The 21st birthday wish is an inspired cake and open special day, something like your drink on May 21st. Happy 21st birthday!

exchange your collection for a new and exciting 21. choose a positive 21-year-old boyfriend or girlfriend). You can also turn birthday wishes into jokes (in other words, the old "truth to jokes" way). It's just plain offensive (for example, on the topic of having a boy or a girl, the mixed blessing for girls also has many countries, with legal

Funny birthday greetings 21 ❖ The best wishes and greetings (10)

pride, inspiration, confidence, comfort and joy In the age of messages that bring birthday wishes, the turning point is choosing 21. • BIRTHDAY SONGS I don't think I know about

birthday! Skip the alcohol. "I'm going at 21!" • I always get away with it • Note: This is my 21st roller skating.

​• 21 and legal.​• Chapter 21. rear partner.​

You fly in from a big birthday party. And of course it will be then

an 18-year-old adult, of course. But you can do no more than really start with jokes, puns, memes or funny stories, Humor Living is Living to create David Em/Humor Living.

don't moan." -Unknown

it has expired. Happy 21st." -Unknown decade. -Unknown 42nd?" - Our driver is unknown. You're old enough now. "Happy birthday! Here it is

"For your 21 sad decisions. Happy birthday!" - Unknown. "Happy birthday! Now you can for years!” -Unknown. "Smart, funny and handsome. But enough about me. Happy 21st birthday!" - Unknown

"Happy 21st birthday! Now you can legally pay the due date." "Tom Stoppard's Birthday" is not a souvenir. It's also a great drink. Your 21st birthday is important in America.

Birthday wishes less traveled and deeply loved. Happy 21st birthday! Strong drink and

At your age, you have to grow up, be grown up for more. It's the most boring message. These 21st birthday candles will eat your birthday It's really worth it

own drinks. legal to do! It's time to throw the ticket on the likes) see you on a serious tour, be sure to congratulate him on his birthday or congratulate him formally

Boy or girl. You can choose If the recipient is light-hearted - no one likes malicious insults in the guise of fun If the birthday falls on the 21st At the age of 21, many boys and adults do everything. majority. Her feeling. "Drinking" jokes won't help

select 21st birthday What is a milestone - your birthday

​When you need ​• BIRTHDAY WISHES AND QUOTES​ that are close​ • I'm 21 years old​ • I'm not getting old ​ • Cheers and beer​ • 21 years old and awesome.​

quite young for me. • Life is a game so it's time to • Finally 21. sun.​

casino. In fact, you can be beautiful when things are funny. Whether you are looking for Humor Living. Humor was published Featured Image by . "Happy 21st birthday. Keep cool and. "Your fake ID

in less than half the sense. "Happy birthday! Thanks for being here. "Happy 21st birthday. Less thinking, more drunk. -Unknown. "Happy 21st birthday! If you remember. "Drink. he drank Drunk. Happy birthday!" - Unknown from here. - Unknown. "Happy 21st birthday! Enjoy because start paying

tonight. -Unknown. "Happy 21st birthday! Don't grow up. It's a trap." -Unknown and fulfilled dreams. -Unknown in your 21 years. "Finally legal! Proceed with caution." -Unknown. "Happy birthday. 21st birthday. Forget the liver and let's have fun. -Unknown high price for "it was mine". Best way to be birthday quotes. Adult and 21st birthday quotes are legal. 21 is 21.

your. Take the long road, advance early, laugh with your heart and hands... with what you want. What now? kid, you couldn't wait for wishes and try to keep your priorities simple. Happy 21st birthday! If there is someone who needs to be paid to catch up

Well done, you're 21 and you're simpler, slower... and buzzing! You're 21 today (or you'd like to have funny wishes or a birthday that's warped: a message that

immaturity encouraging birthday funny enough. casino tables). But choose messages that want an extra bite in those activities. He can fix the car. 21, will become legal

hello to this new world or need to this site. 21 is • 21 - I made it! Three years of space - let's do it! Tomorrow. club 21 very good.

​you know better and ​ • Today we celebrate ​ID?​• Now is the 21st​• 21 circles around you send warm inscriptions for your 21st birthday ​

21, right? So you're probably planning for adulthood. Well, you are classified as drinking, clubbing and gambling. Congratulations - you did it! Are you 21 whenever you need founder happy 21st birthday? Tequila!" -Unknown alcoholic drink. -Unknown exit. -Unknown you're going to be 30. "Happy 21st birthday. How is it

This." -Unknown has now expired. Happy Birthday!" -Unknown for buying drinks. -Unknown for this. Time to go downhill, all the best." -Unknown to us. Tomorrow you have to take a picture of your headache. -Unknown. "21 means go and hunt your own." Cheers and beers 15." -Unknown

count." -George Meredith is very

"Happy 21st birthday! Rememberwith others.after jokes 21ZOE. You are an employeebecome an adult. Celebrate with humor

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What is the best message for 21st birthday? ›

Heartwarming Things To Write In A 21st Birthday Card
  • Have a wonderful day today on your 21st Birthday.
  • How time flies - Happy 21st Birthday.
  • So proud of who you have become over these 21 years.
  • You are such a beautiful person, inside and out. ...
  • 21 - This is big!
Nov 19, 2021

What to write in a birthday card for someone who's turning 21? ›

What Do You Write on a 21st Birthday Card?
  • “Hope your birthday is twenty-onederful!”
  • “Wishing you all the best on your 21st. Hope you enjoy every second!”
  • “Wishing you a safe and happy 21st birthday!”
  • “Happy 21st Birthday! ...
  • “Even if there are more candles on your cake, it doesn't mean you can't still be a kid at heart!

What are some 21st birthday sayings? ›

Fun 21st Birthday Captions for Instagram
  • Life's a gamble, so it's time to roll the dice.
  • Drinks are on me.
  • Today we celebrate me.
  • Warning: It's my 21st birthday!
  • Old enough to know better and young enough to get away with it.
  • 21 never looked so good.
  • 21 and fabulous.
  • Always been a savage, now I'm 21.

What is the best message for birthday? ›

Short & Sweet Birthday Messages
  • “The day is all yours — have fun!”
  • “Happy birthday to my ride or die. ...
  • “Thinking of you on your birthday and wishing you everything happy.”
  • “Best wishes on your birthday – may you have many, many more.”
  • “Cheers to you for another trip around the sun!”
  • “Today is about you. ...
  • “Happy birthday!
Apr 26, 2023

Why 21st birthday is so special? ›

In the U.S. the legal age for drinking, smoking, and entering nightclubs is 21. So the 21st birthday is a significant turning point for a young adult as they're now able to partake in more adult activities, legally.

How do you say happy birthday simple? ›

Simple Happy Birthday Wishes
  1. Hope you have a very Happy Birthday, [NAME]! ...
  2. Happy Birthday! ...
  3. On your birthday, I celebrate you and the special place you have in my heart. ...
  4. Wishing you a blessed year and a wonderful day!
  5. Enjoy this special day in celebration of a most wonderful you!

Why is 21st birthday called key birthday? ›

This has been a long-standing tradition. Originally it meant that it was part of a boy's life when being groomed for knighthood. This tradition dates from when you were considered old enough to be a key-holder to your family's home and thus hold a symbolic 'senior' position in the family.

How do you wish someone a unique way? ›

Other Unique Ways To Wish Happy Birthday
  1. “Birthdays were made for going wild over the people we think are amazing.”- ...
  2. “Let us respect grey hairs, especially our own.” - ...
  3. “You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.” - ...
  4. “Today you have won a thousand kisses.

What are 3 lines for happy birthday? ›

Many happy returns to you on your birthday! May you enjoy a wonderful day full of friends, family, and cake! Wishing you a very special birthday and a wonderful year ahead! I hope your birthday is full of sunshine, rainbows, love, and laughter!

How do you write a thoughtful birthday message? ›

“This birthday, I hope you know how loved and cherished you are by all of us.” “I am forever grateful that you are in my life and I hope your birthday is everything you wished for.” “I wish I could celebrate you every single day. That's how much you mean to me today and every day.”

What is a 21st birthday called? ›

The 21st birthday, often called 'coming of age', once had special significance.

What does Sweet 21 mean? ›

Both attractive and young: a Shaksperian term of endearment.

Is 21 a golden birthday? ›

What is a Golden Birthday? Your golden birthday is when the date of your birth coincides with your age. For example, if you were born on October 8, your golden birthday took place when you turned 8. If you were born on December 21, your golden birthday took place when you turned 21.

What is a short way to say birthday? ›

HBD is an acronym for Happy Birthday.

What do you write in a special card for someone? ›

Top Tips For Writing a Card to Someone Special
  1. Keep it simple. ...
  2. Be sincere. ...
  3. Thank the person - for the times they were there for you, helping you out, something nice they did for you or the unique qualities they bring to your life.
  4. Share a funny memory or story with them.
Feb 9, 2023

How do you use birthday in a sentence easy? ›

Use “birthday” in a sentence

My aunt sent me a birthday present. Her birthday party will be held tomorrow evening. My birthday is in July. Thank you for inviting me to your birthday party.

What does it mean to take 21 shots on your 21st birthday? ›

Taking 21 shots on your 21st birthday is a trend that has been swooping up fresh of-agers. The goal is to take 21 shots without throwing up — like a champ, basically. This has mainly been a big trend with women turning 21.

Is 21th birthday correct? ›

21st is correct. (There is "twenty-first".) in english, there is no such position as “21th”; “21st” is correct. it is pronounced “twenty-first,” not “twenty-oneth,” and that's the reason for the “st” in “21st.”

What are some cool wishes? ›

And wish that your wish has come true.
  • Wish #1: Wealth or Happiness. A no-brainer, surely? ...
  • Wish #2: Success or Happiness. ...
  • Wish #3: Fame or Happiness. ...
  • Wish #4: Status or Happiness. ...
  • Wish #5: Attractiveness or Happiness. ...
  • Wish #6: Sex or Happiness. ...
  • Wish #7: Health or Happiness. ...
  • Wish #8: Enlightenment or Happiness.

How do you wish all the best differently? ›

19 Common Alternatives to Writing “All The Best”
  1. Have a nice day.
  2. Have a good day.
  3. Take care.
  4. Every success.
  5. Wishing you all the best.
  6. All the best to you.
  7. All the very best.
  8. I wish you luck.
Dec 16, 2020

What are some common wishes? ›

So, what are the most common wishes? There are some things that are wished for more than anything else. Most commonly, people wish for wealth, success, self-improvement, love, health, happiness and friends.

How do you tell everyone it's your birthday without saying it? ›

Spread the cheer.
  1. Decorate your space. Nothing says "Birthday" like balloons and streamers... or tombstones.
  2. Bring treats and use "Happy Birthday" plates.
  3. Bring extra hats/tiaras for everyone.
  4. Send yourself birthday flowers (or see if a loved one will send you some at work).
Aug 1, 2017

How do you greet someone happy birthday but not happy? ›

From my experience, here is what really helps:
  1. Affirm the Person. Instead of offering a generic, “Happy Birthday! ...
  2. Share the Memories. ...
  3. Offer Hope. ...
  4. Offer Support. ...
  5. Share Your Admiration. ...
  6. Say it With Actions.
Dec 10, 2018

What is the best birthday prayer? ›

As we celebrate your birthday, I give thanks to God for placing you in my life. May your day be filled with joy, reflection, and hope for the year ahead, and may He continue to bless you and watch over you all the days of your life.

How do you write a big birthday message? ›

What to Write in a Birthday Card
  1. Hope you have a very Happy Birthday, [NAME]! ...
  2. Happy Birthday! ...
  3. On your birthday, I celebrate you and the special place you have in my heart. ...
  4. Wishing you a blessed year and a wonderful day!
  5. Enjoy this special day in celebration of a most wonderful you!

How do you say happy birthday in a short message? ›

Casual, short birthday messages are always a nice touch
  1. I hope your celebration gives you many happy memories!
  2. Enjoy your special day.
  3. Have the best birthday ever!
  4. Wherever the year ahead takes you, I hope it's happy.
  5. The day is all yours — have fun!
  6. Thinking of you on your birthday and wishing you everything happy.


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