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Published on April 30, 2021

60+ Creative Grandparents Quotes to Preserve Special Moments | I like to know (1)

What do you associate with the word grandfather and what do you think of him? Sweet chocolate chip cookies? Endless hugs? Whether your grandparents are near or far, use these grandparent quotes to show them how much they bring to your life.

New quotes for grandparents

Are you or someone you know embarking on the exciting adventure of becoming a grandparent? Give me new onesgrandfather's wordsand mention the test in your cards or social media posts.

  • Love takes on a whole new meaning the moment you hold your baby.
  • Grandchildren are baked in a magical powder that makes you forget about parenting and have cookies ready.
  • The love of your first grandchildren magically makes the world a better place. They help you see the joy and wonder of the world again.
  • With every new child, a grandfather is born. It's a magical journey.
  • Congratulations! Your future is full of children's miracles, endless hugs and cookies.
  • A magical new adventure awaits you as a grandfather.
  • Becoming a grandparent is like becoming a parent, only better.
  • The best gift your child can give you. Grandchild.
  • Being a grandparent for the first time is similar to parenthood, but much more enjoyable.
  • Ready for a new adventure? Just add a grandchild.
  • You said you always wanted a joke. Well, now you're going to be a grandfather.
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Funny grandfather quotes

Being a grandfather is fun. Grandparents quotes should be too. Check out some cute and funny quotes for grandparents.

  • Becoming a grandfather is a natural compensation for the "teenage" years.
  • Consider becoming a grandparent a promotion. You are having fun, but someone else is in charge.
  • Pampering your grandchildren is not a choice, it's a necessity.
  • Grandparents: The Funny Parents You Never Had.
  • Grandparents are great for hugs, life lessons, and most importantly, sugar. Nothing says love like stupidity.
  • Do you remember those years when you gave up on your parents? This is why grandparents are so good at saying yes. That's called karma.
  • Grandparents are fearless when it comes to the dark and storms, but the "boo" gets them every time.
  • People may say that grandchildren are God's gift to grandparents, but the truth is just the opposite.
  • Somehow Grandma and Grandpa go from being the smartest person in the world to walking with dinosaurs in the blink of an eye.
  • Grandparents are anything but their knees are definitely never big enough.
  • you are grandfather Of course you had a pet Tyrannosaurus rex!
60+ Creative Grandparents Quotes to Preserve Special Moments | I like to know (2)

Thank you for the grandparents quotes

Are you grateful to your grandparents? Do you want them to really see how much they mean to you? Use these ideas to thank your grandparents for your Grandparents Day crafts, or simply tell them how much they mean to you.

  • Whether you're heartbroken or boo-boo, a hug from grandpa is the best medicine.
  • Grandparents - ready hero and best friend.
  • Better than being a parent to your children is being their grandfather.
  • Grandparents are as if frozen. A cupcake is not complete without it.
  • Perfection is defined as the first time a grandchild touches your finger.
  • Someone who will hear your stories, heritage connections and endless hugs. Grandparents are the whole package.
  • Grandparents are like fairies or heroes. Their magic healing charms are hugs and their feel-good pills are cookies.
  • Nothing heals pain better than a hug from a grandparent.
  • Full of laughter, stories, hugs and love, grandparents are the greatest gift.
  • When they came up with the definition of cool, they should have had a picture of their grandfather.
60+ Creative Grandparents Quotes to Preserve Special Moments | I like to know (3)

Missing grandparents quotes

Missing a grandpa can be hard. When you can't see your grandparents anymore or it's been a long time, you can use these quotes to show how much you appreciate the time you spend together.

  • The loving relationship between grandparents and grandchildren should not be weakened by distance.
  • That feeling when you think of your grandparents, how they hit that part of your heart that will never go away.
  • Whether your grandfather is in front of your eyes or far away, the warmth of their embrace is always there.
  • Grandparents are like the sun. They may be far away, but their light still touches you.
  • The love of grandparents is endless and indestructible in time, space and distance.
  • As much as you miss your grandparents, they miss you as much.
  • Grandparents and grandchildren can never truly be apart because you live in each other's hearts.
  • Whether it's morning, noon or night, there isn't a moment when I don't think of my grandparents.
  • Grandpa's love is measured in hugs, not miles.
  • Grandparents hold your hands even when you can't see them.
  • Grandparents are the true definition of unconditional and endless love.
  • Even if grandpa could leave. They will always remain in your heart.

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Inspirational quotes from grandparents

No one is more inspiring than your grandparents. Not only are they full of love, hugs and adventures, but they inspire every day. Learn some truly inspirational quotes about grandparents.

  • Ears to hear. Hands to hold. Spirit ready for the next great adventure. Grandparents make an ordinary day special with just a box and imagination.
  • Grandpa is always waiting for you on the porch with hugs and your favorite snack.
  • Grandpa is the only one who will make you a cake at 11 in the morning because every day has to be a holiday.
  • There is only one person in the world that you will never be tall enough to look down on, your grandfather.
  • Whether you're seven or seventeen, grandpa's warm voice and comforting hugs can heal any wound.
  • Some may say that grandparents are made of silver, but they are actually made of gold. The gold in their hearts was needed to create the silver in their hair.
  • When it seems like the storm will never pass, a call to Grandpa can help you see the sun.
  • Some say there is no better place than home. I say there's nothing like grandpa's knees.
  • Grandparents are the perfect combination of wisdom, love and a little magic.
  • Whether they're holding your shoulders or helping you study, grandparents are always there to help you see the world.
  • The wisdom of grandparents from the past is the real hope for the future of their grandchildren.
60+ Creative Grandparents Quotes to Preserve Special Moments | I like to know (4)

Meaningful Quotes for Grandparents

Show your grandparents how special your family bond is with a heartfelt and meaningful quote. You can even add a bit of your personal story to the quotes to make them really meaningful.

  • Grandparents are anything but their knees are definitely never big enough.
  • When you want to see an angel on earth, look at your grandfather. It is a real gift to the world.
  • Grandparents are laughter, silliness and the best pilots on the flight to Mars in a box.
  • Almost like a good wine. Parents get better with age. They become grandparents.
  • They say that no one is truly perfect. Well, grandma is the closest you can get.
  • A grandfather with a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face makes you feel like the most important person in the world.
  • As with the rarest of gems, Grandpa cannot be overstated. They are priceless.
  • When it comes to grandma, no one is spoiled.
  • The most beautiful sound in the world is the warmth of your grandmother's laughter.
  • Grandparents are great. Nice hugs. Great stories. And great treats.

Keep grandma and grandpa in your heart

Use grandparents and cute quoteslullabies for childrentell your grandparents how special they really are. Whether you're adding to a card, gift or social media, make Grandpa's quote special by adding your own memories.

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